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What's Resegva doing?

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Thanks for asking what Resegva is doing. (we'll tell you anyway 😎 )

The short answer is we are using the latest satellite communications technology to help boat owners enjoy sailing more.

Right now we're in the process of developing the technology system. We'd love to hear from boat owners to tell us what is important to you about boating and how our system can save you from the stress of looking after your boat.

What's the problem we are tackling?

Boat owners will recognise that there is a lot that can go wrong on a boat. We're particularly concerned with the power systems on board to begin with.

That means the power connections, battery banks, how power is used and ensuring things work reliably for you. If there is an issue you are informed what the problem is with clear information.

Over time we expect to add even more capability. We'll tell you of progress as it happens. Or get in contact to tell us what's important to you.

Satellite for Boat Monitoring

You may know of - or already use - an existing satellite service for checking weather or getting weather reports or for emergency locator beacon use.

The satellite systems resegva is using are significantly different. We partner with new generation data satellite service providers that are distinctive for their low cost and low power features. You may have noticed news or social videos of lots of rocket launches putting satellites into orbit - some of that is relevant to how we operate.

Low power means our system is always on and doesn't drain your onboard batteries to any noticeable extent - even with months of use. Low cost ensures you agree we are providing great value to help take care of your boat, and aren't put off by high cost of hardware or monthly running costs.

Get Involved

If you are excited by the possibility of reliable, low cost, low power monitoring of your boat wherever you may take it then you are invited to get in touch with us.

  • Tell us what you need and expect.

  • Let us know what problems or issues you worry about that a monitoring system can help with.

  • For boats with electric propulsion ask us about how our system can help ensure the health, reliability and performance of your electric motor.

All the best, gans gorhemynadow a'n gwella

John @ team Resegva

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