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About Resegva

We're Here For You and Better Sailing

Sailing is your time to relax, enjoy and explore.

Resegva is here to help you focus on time that is special for you.

Sailing has always been on the edge of applying technology for better performance.  Technology helps you acheive what is important -  faster, further, safer and in comfort.

With onboard systems increasingly complex resegva is here to keep your boat working smoothly. 

With Electric Propulsion fast becoming a preferred power technology for boats we're working to ensure the safety, reliability and performance of these complex and costly power trains.  Talk to us to find out more.


Our mission is to simplify the complex and ensure your boat is performing perfectly wherever you are.

Our UK based team is using new generation of wireless and satellite technology to keep a check on your boat at all times.  Whether you moor in a marina, river estuarty, inland waterway and no matter if you sail locally or deep ocean we will watch over your boat at all times.

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