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Full On Testing of Hire Boat GPS App

Our team from University of Plymouth are out on the water testing the Android app created for Resegva.

Smiles From Everyone

Great to see smiles on everyone's faces despite the occasional squalls of rain and hail on what turned out to be one of the wettest Cornish days of the season.

Four people on fast boat with rain weather gear
Smiles From Everyone Leaving Mylor Harbour

Mylor Boat Hire hosted us with a zip around the Falmouth Estuary to test the boat tracking and app performance.

The app allows Mylor Boat Hire to provide each boat user with an easy to use map that shows location, a breadcrumb route trail and alerts if the boat leaves the allowed rental area.

Hire users are kept safe and reassured with a map of where they are. A custom geofence will alert both the hire user and the hire operator if the boat leaves the allowed area. This helps to keep boats within the estuary area and also to warn of tidal areas to avoid.

Looking at three people in boat with a weatherproofed computer tablet
Testing The Tracking App On An Android Tablet (but don't look at the weather)

Mylor Boat Hire believe this will be a useful addition to their hire business. Boat hirers are reassured with an accurate map, a track of their route and how to return to Mylor Harbour.

Workload in managing hires is expected to reduce in the coming tourist season. For the boat hirers the experience is expected to be enhanced for either the experienced and inexperienced user of the hire boats.

For our University team this was a great experience testing their work in a real situation. A definition of 'getting your feet wet'!

App Sneak Preview

A sneak preview of the app below shows the boat position and track.

The app provides a custom geofence for the hire company. If the boat leaves the area an alert is displayed on the boat and at the hire company office.

A message system also allows the boat user and office to communicate at anytime.

map of Falmouth estuary with breadcrumb trail of boat route
Resegva Hire Boat Tracking App

The App is expected to be released to market shortly as final development and testing is completed.

Resegva believe the Hire Boat tracking app will be a valuable addition to any boat hire business. Enquiries are welcome from other operators in UK and overseas.

Book your Cornish Boat Hire with Mylor:

Find out more from Resegva here

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