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sailing boats docked in a marina overhead view

always ready to go sailing


Ensuring your boat is safe, secure and always ready for your to go sailing

With a combination of long range wireless and satellite communications Resegva continuously checks all is well wherever your boat is located.

Resegva is electric propulsion ready.

With our ability to monitor batteries and engine systems we are ensuring your boat is always performing at its best.

always ready

Resegva uses low cost low power satellite communications to continuously monitor the key signals on your boat.  Satellite ensures reliable connection to your boat wherever it is located.

data from Resegva system sent via satellite to phone application

Resegva checks that all the core electrical systems onboard are working correctly so that your boat is ready for your next sailing:

  • Shore Power status

  • Battery Voltage monitor

  • GPS Location reports

  • Boat Security

  • and more

We know that small issues cascade into big problems that are costly and time consuming to have fixed.

​Resegva checks that all is well onboard your boat. 

With the app dashboard and phone alerts you are always informed. 

Any issues are solved before they cascade into expensive problems.

electric propulsion ready

Resegva integrates to electric propulsion systems to ensure the safety, performance and reliability of these complex and costly power trains.  Contact us to find out how we can work with your boat.

For boat builders and system designers you are invited to discuss your needs with us.  

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We are inviting UK based sailors to join us - shore or inland

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